The Great Czar Aparate

The Great Czar Aparate

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Peter's visit was cut short in , when he was forced to rush home by a rebellion of the Streltsy. The rebellion was easily crushed before Peter returned home from England; of the Tsar's troops, only one was killed.

Peter nevertheless acted ruthlessly towards the mutineers. Over 1, of the rebels were tortured and executed, and Peter ordered that their bodies be publicly exhibited as a warning to future conspirators.

In Peter sent a delegation to Malta , under boyar Boris Sheremetev , to observe the training and abilities of the Knights of Malta and their fleet.

Sheremetev investigated the possibility of future joint ventures with the Knights, including action against the Turks and the possibility of a future Russian naval base.

Peter's visits to the West impressed upon him the notion that European customs were in several respects superior to Russian traditions.

He commanded all of his courtiers and officials to wear European clothing and cut off their long beards, causing his Boyars, who were very fond of their beards, great upset.

Peter also sought to end arranged marriages, which were the norm among the Russian nobility, because he thought such a practice was barbaric and led to domestic violence, since the partners usually resented each other.

In Peter changed the date of the celebration of the new year from 1 September to 1 January. Traditionally, the years were reckoned from the purported creation of the World , but after Peter's reforms, they were to be counted from the birth of Christ.

Thus, in the year of the old Russian calendar, Peter proclaimed that the Julian Calendar was in effect and the year was Peter made a temporary peace with the Ottoman Empire that allowed him to keep the captured fort of Azov, and turned his attention to Russian maritime supremacy.

He sought to acquire control of the Baltic Sea, which had been taken by the Swedish Empire a half-century earlier. Russia was ill-prepared to fight the Swedes, and their first attempt at seizing the Baltic coast ended in disaster at the Battle of Narva in In the conflict, the forces of Charles XII, rather than employ a slow methodical siege, attacked immediately using a blinding snowstorm to their advantage.

While the Poles fought the Swedes, Peter founded the city of Saint Petersburg in , in Ingermanland a province of the Swedish Empire that he had captured.

It was named after his patron saint Saint Peter. He forbade the building of stone edifices outside Saint Petersburg, which he intended to become Russia's capital, so that all stonemasons could participate in the construction of the new city.

Between and and in —, Saint Petersburg was the capital of imperial Russia. In the Battle of Lesnaya , Charles suffered his first loss after Peter crushed a group of Swedish reinforcements marching from Riga.

Deprived of this aid, Charles was forced to abandon his proposed march on Moscow. Peter withdrew his army southward, employing scorched earth , destroying along the way anything that could assist the Swedes.

Deprived of local supplies, the Swedish army was forced to halt its advance in the winter of — In the summer of , they resumed their efforts to capture Russian-ruled Ukraine , culminating in the Battle of Poltava on 27 June.

The battle was a decisive defeat for the Swedish forces, ending Charles' campaign in Ukraine and forcing him south to seek refuge in the Ottoman Empire.

Russia had defeated what was considered to be one of the world's best militaries, and the victory overturned the view that Russia was militarily incompetent.

Peter, overestimating the support he would receive from his Balkan allies, attacked the Ottoman Empire, initiating the Russo-Turkish War of Normally, the Boyar Duma would have exercised power during his absence.

Peter, however, mistrusted the boyars; he instead abolished the Duma and created a Senate of ten members. The Senate was founded as the highest state institution to supervise all judicial, financial and administrative affairs.

Originally established only for the time of the monarch's absence, the Senate became a permanent body after his return. A special high official, the Ober-Procurator, served as the link between the ruler and the senate and acted, in Peter own words, as "the sovereign's eye".

Without his signature no Senate decision could go into effect; the Senate became one of the most important institutions of Imperial Russia. Peter's northern armies took the Swedish province of Livonia the northern half of modern Latvia , and the southern half of modern Estonia , driving the Swedes into Finland.

In the Russian fleet won the Battle of Gangut. Most of Finland was occupied by the Russians. In and , the Tsar revisited the Netherlands and went to see Herman Boerhaave.

He continued his travel to the Austrian Netherlands and France. Peter obtained the assistance of the Electorate of Hanover and the Kingdom of Prussia.

The Tsar's navy was powerful enough that the Russians could penetrate Sweden. Still, Charles XII refused to yield, and not until his death in battle in did peace become feasible.

Russia acquired Ingria , Estonia , Livonia , and a substantial portion of Karelia. In turn, Russia paid two million Riksdaler and surrendered most of Finland.

The Tsar retained some Finnish lands close to Saint Petersburg, which he had made his capital in Peter's last years were marked by further reform in Russia.

On 22 October , soon after peace was made with Sweden, he was officially proclaimed Emperor of All Russia. Some proposed that he take the title Emperor of the East , but he refused.

In the minds of many, the word emperor connoted superiority or pre-eminence over kings. Several rulers feared that Peter would claim authority over them, just as the Holy Roman Emperor had claimed suzerainty over all Christian nations.

The expedition ended in complete disaster when the entire expeditionary force was slaughtered. In Peter investigated why the formerly Swedish province of Livonia was so orderly.

He discovered that the Swedes spent as much administering Livonia times smaller than his empire as he spent on the entire Russian bureaucracy.

He was forced to dismantle the province's government. After , Peter established colleges in place of the old central agencies of government, including foreign affairs, war, navy, expense, income, justice, and inspection.

Later others were added. Each college consisted of a president, a vice-president, a number of councilors and assessors, and a procurator.

Some foreigners were included in various colleges but not as president. Peter believed he did not have enough loyal and talented persons to put in full charge of the various departments.

Peter preferred to rely on groups of individuals who would keep check on one another. In Peter created a new order of precedence known as the Table of Ranks.

Formerly, precedence had been determined by birth. To deprive the Boyars of their high positions, Peter directed that precedence should be determined by merit and service to the Emperor.

The Table of Ranks continued to remain in effect until the Russian monarchy was overthrown in Peter decided that all of the children of the nobility should have some early education, especially in the areas of sciences.

Therefore, on 28 February , he issued a decree calling for compulsory education, which dictated that all Russian to year-old children of the nobility, government clerks, and lesser-ranked officials must learn basic mathematics and geometry, and should be tested on the subjects at the end of their studies.

The once powerful Persian Safavid Empire to the south was heavily declining. Taking advantage of the profitable situation, Peter launched the Russo-Persian War of , otherwise known as "The Persian Expedition of Peter the Great", which drastically increased Russian influence for the first time in the Caucasus and Caspian Sea region, and prevented the Ottoman Empire from making territorial gains in the region.

After considerable success and the capture of many provinces and cities in the Caucasus and northern mainland Persia, the Safavids were forced to hand over territory to Russia, comprising Derbent , Shirvan , Gilan , Mazandaran , Baku , and Astrabad.

However, within twelve years all the territories would be ceded back to Persia, now led by the charismatic military genius Nader Shah , as part of the Treaties of Resht and Ganja respectively, and the Russo-Persian alliance against the Ottoman Empire, which was the common enemy of both.

Peter introduced new taxes to fund improvements in Saint Petersburg. He abolished the land tax and household tax and replaced them with a poll tax.

The taxes on land and on households were payable only by individuals who owned property or maintained families; the new head taxes, however, were payable by serfs and paupers.

In the construction of Peterhof , a palace near Saint Petersburg, was completed. Peterhof Dutch for "Peter's Court" was a grand residence, becoming known as the "Russian Versailles ".

Peter was deeply religious, being brought up in the Russian Orthodox faith, but he had low regard for the Church hierarchy, which he kept under tight governmental control.

The traditional leader of the Church was the Patriarch of Moscow. In , when the office fell vacant, Peter refused to name a replacement, allowing the Patriarch's Coadjutor or deputy to discharge the duties of the office.

Peter could not tolerate the patriarch exercising power superior to the Tsar, as indeed had happened in the case of Philaret —33 and Nikon Peter therefore abolished the Patriarchy, replacing it with a Holy Synod that was under the control of a senior bureaucrat, and the Tsar appointed all bishops.

In Peter followed the advice of Theophan Prokopovich in designing the Holy Synod as a council of ten clergymen. For leadership in the church, Peter turned increasingly to Ukrainians, who were more open to reform, but were not well loved by the Russian clergy.

Peter implemented a law that stipulated that no Russian man could join a monastery before the age of He felt that too many able Russian men were being wasted on clerical work when they could be joining his new and improved army.

A clerical career was not a route chosen by upper-class society. Most parish priests were sons of priests, were very poorly educated, and very poorly paid.

The monks in the monasteries had a slightly higher status; they were not allowed to marry. Politically, the church was impotent. Peter the Great had two wives, with whom he had fourteen children, three of whom survived to adulthood.

Peter's mother selected his first wife, Eudoxia Lopukhina , with the advice of other nobles in This was done to prevent fighting between the stronger noble houses and to bring fresh blood into the family.

Upon his return from his European tour in , Peter sought to end his unhappy marriage. He divorced the Tsaritsa and forced her to join a convent.

He took Martha Skavronskaya , a Polish-Lithuanian peasant, as a mistress some time between and His eldest child and heir, Alexei , was suspected of being involved in a plot to overthrow the Emperor.

Alexei was tried and confessed under torture during questioning conducted by a secular court. He was convicted and sentenced to be executed.

The sentence could be carried out only with Peter's signed authorization, and Alexei died in prison, as Peter hesitated before making the decision. Alexei's death most likely resulted from injuries suffered during his torture.

A similar fate befell Peter's earlier mistress, Anna Mons , in In Peter had his second wife, Catherine , crowned as Empress, although he remained Russia's actual ruler.

All of Peter's male children had died. By his two wives, he had fourteen children. These included three sons named Pavel and three sons named Peter , all of whom died in infancy.

In the winter of , Peter, whose overall health was never robust, began having problems with his urinary tract and bladder.

In the summer of a team of doctors performed surgery releasing upwards of four pounds of blocked urine. Peter remained bedridden until late autumn.

In the first week of October, restless and certain he was cured, Peter began a lengthy inspection tour of various projects.

According to legend, in November, at Lakhta along the Finnish Gulf to inspect some ironworks, Peter saw a group of soldiers drowning near shore and, wading out into near-waist deep water, came to their rescue.

This icy water rescue is said to have exacerbated Peter's bladder problems and caused his death. The story, however, has been viewed with skepticism by some historians, pointing out that the German chronicler Jacob von Stählin is the only source for the story, and it seems unlikely that no one else would have documented such an act of heroism.

This, plus the interval of time between these actions and Peter's death seems to preclude any direct link. In early January , Peter was struck once again with uremia.

Legend has it that before lapsing into unconsciousness Peter asked for a paper and pen and scrawled an unfinished note that read: Peter died between four and five in the morning 8 February An autopsy revealed his bladder to be infected with gangrene.

Peter has been featured in many books, plays, films, and games, including the poems The Bronze Horseman , Poltava and the unfinished novel The Moor of Peter the Great , all by Alexander Pushkin.

The former dealt with The Bronze Horseman , an equestrian statue raised in Peter's honour. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Tsar Peter the Great.

This article is about the Russian monarch. For other uses, see Peter the Great disambiguation. Eudoxia Lopukhina Martha Skavronskaya. He was also a very hands on person, and himself engaged in all kinds of activities, including shipbuilding.

He is a great ruler in Russian history, so let us pay tribute to him in this Microgaming Slot. You will see parts of the splendor of the Russian empire on the reels, watching the Czar adorned with the typical clothes for a royalty, and his wife, the czarina, matches his magnificence.

With this game you will be transported into the world of Russia, in the empire period, and enjoy the beauty of the czar's symbols, the gold crown with gold coins spilled around it, the shield symbol, plus diamonds and card symbols.

The card symbols have a special old time style of the design, and come in different colors. Peter the Great was a very tall person, and inspired with his majestic looks.

The czar in this game will inspire with his looks in this game too, and also with the powers he has to bestow wins on you as a player, as you spin the reels and bet on the 30 paylines.

As you play, you will not only see the riches that were possessed by the Great Czar. You will benefit from a bonus feature that will expand your opportunities for wins in the game.

You will be able to win appealing prizes there. The bonus feature is called the Imperial Crown bonus, and the triggering, as you can guess, will be done with the crown symbol, which is the Scatter for the game.

Get 3 crowns minimum to open the round. Then, after the activation, you will see some domes come up on the screen.

You will have to pick from those domes. By picking you will select first the number of free spins that will be awarded to you, and also the multiplier that will up your wins.

Your options here will comprise the following: As for the shield, it will be your Wild here. It will have the ability to substitute and make auspicious combinations to enable you to grab palatable wins.

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The Great Czar Aparate -

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The Great Czar Aparate Video

Peter the Great´s Anthem of Russia (1716 - 1790) Without his signature no Senate decision could geldwechsel braunschweig into effect; the Senate became one of the most important institutions of Imperial Russia. You will benefit from a bonus feature that will expand your opportunities for wins in the game. Through a number of tipico casino no deposit bonus wars, he expanded the Tsardom into a much larger empire that became a major European power and also laid the groundwork for the Russian navy after capturing ports at Azov and the Baltic Sea. Himself as Tsar of Russia. The Great Czar was also known for being wealthy, because Russia, the mother land, is a very rich country. This is one of the most famous software providers that le casino 770 est il fiable present in the gambling industry. The other symbols are the crown and autocratic symbols. Most parish priests were sons of priests, were very poorly educated, and very poorly paid. Project Gutenberg online edition. You will also enjoy the soundtrack selected as the musical background. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Jota, Eine gelbe Aster. Somit gibt man dem Spieler die Gelegenheit, sein Konto mit einem gewissen Betrag aufzustocken, der dann wiederum für die Casinospiele eingesetzt werden kann. Unter anderem ist auch das allseits beliebte Book of Ra mit von der Partie. Castelli, Aus dem Leben eines Wiener Phäaken. Bobertag, Mit allen Waffen. Margueritte, Die grosse Familie. Mühlau, Die Irrfahrten der Baronin. Available for most Apple devices running iOS 8. Play online casino games for free or real money with no download and sovereign of the sevenseas Resort und Casino unter dem Meer keine extreme casino no sign-up.! Kosmaka Vaclava izbrani spisi: Brazil nuts and walnuts 5. Haggard, Dekle z 'biseri.

The paytable of Great Czar is a list of 9 reel symbols in total, which we can put into two different groups according to their value.

The first group contains classic card symbols, starting with number 9 and finishing with the Ace. These colourful and shiny symbols are by far the most common of the game, and also the least valuable.

Try to score as many combinations with them as you can to make up for their low value. The golden egg, diamond and pictures of the princess and the Czar himself make up the rest of the paytable.

As you would have guessed, these symbols have a much higher value but are also much rarer on the reels. To give you an idea, a 5-Czar combination is worth times your wager.

There are two more symbols hidden on the reels of Great Czar that can turn the game around in your favour as soon as they appear.

The red shield is the wild card of the game, which means that it can substitute for any of the symbols we have mentioned earlier and give you a chance to land an extra combination or two when you least expect it.

Last but not least, the blue crown symbol acts as both a scatter and a special bonus symbol. As a scatter, the crown simply awards cash prizes in any position on the reels.

As a bonus symbol, it gives you access to a mini game where you need to pick free spins and multipliers from the towers of Saint Basis cathedral.

Great Czar is a fun game to play and a real introduction to a part of history few players might be thinking about.

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The Great Czar Slot. The Great Czar Microgaming. Play at Casumo Casino. Play The Great Czar for Free. Bonus Rounds Free Spins Bonus.

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